Day 20 – May 5 2011 – Pannecot PK30- Canal du Nivernais

April has come and gone and May has arrived in a burst of colourful glory. We are making very slow progress up the canal du Nivernais, deliberately, as it is such a beautiful place and the weather is glorious, so nice and easy does it for now.
We spent 5 days at Cercy la Tour to paint the boat roof; I knew it had to be done as the dark blue roof last summer caused the interior of the boat to heat up to a very uncomfortable temperature.
I had bought some cream paint some time ago but avoided the job as it was going to need several days of very good weather to strip off all the roof contents, log boxes, solar panels etc., then to sand down the scratches, then to mask up the edges, then the undercoat, 24 hours needed to over paint, then a top coat, another 24 hours, then put back all bits and re-wire and re-position the solar panels.
All done now and well worth the effort,
We left Cercy early yesterday morning, day 19, and made the short trip 15k to Pannecot, there we met up with some Australian friends Sally and Tony on ‘SABLE’ and Wendy and Harry on ‘ENCOR de B’, spent a very pleasant evening sitting outside with a glass a wine and much chin wagging.
Gladys is doing very well, and is very much part of the family now, she is relaxed and like a puppy has only two speeds flat out or sleeping. She loves the boat and when I start to engine she almost immediately curls up on her blanket and falls asleep. I took her out for her final walk last night around midnight and it was pitch black and no light pollution, it was a clear night and there were trillions of stars on show, wondrous.
Posted by PicasaWe will leave later today and head for Chatillon-en Bazois PK 52, this is a bigger place and hopefully I can find some Wi-Fi and up load the Blog.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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