Day 186-Tuesday 18 October- Digoin – Canal Lateral a la Loire

 Well we are still  in a holding pattern in Digoin, at the end of the Canal lateral and just one lock  from the start of the Canal du Centre.  The Canal du Centre was due to open for one week on the 17 October but now it has been put back one a further week until the 24 October.  However, I have had it confirmed by the French waterways authority (VNF) that we are booked for the first locking at 0900 on the 24 October. So here we are in Digoin and we shall have a sort out week here before heading for Montceau. Chopping up logs, painting the roof and servicing the engine etc..

Some of you have commented on the lack of Blog activity this month, well that is true but not my fault, we anticipated Wi-Fi access in a number of stops but none was forthcoming.  We did visit Montceau for Teresa’s birthday last Wednesday but no time to compose and publish a Blog entry.
What you may ask have we been doing since the last Blog?  We have basically been moving very slowly towards Digoin;  watching lots of Rugby, England deserved to go out through lack of discipline but Wales were robbed of a place in the final.  Visiting friends and generally chilling out.
We had a good visit with Mark and Celia at Gannay and Mark very kindly moved our car down the canal to Dompierre where we stayed for a few days.  Dompierre is a nice town it has got a false reputation of being ugly due to the number of factories on the quay side but the port where we moored was fine and the town is quite attractive, will stop there again.
Form Dompierre we moved to Diou which again is a very attractive little village with a good supermarket and an excellent baker.
On Thursday we moved up just 7 kilometres to Pierrefitte where there is a beautiful lake adjacent to the canal moorings and good walks for Gladys, and from there we arrived at Digoin

I am not bored just got into a bit of baking recently, this is my effort at lemon meringue pie

A beautiful dawn at Gannay

The cold autumn mornings show off the numerous spiders webs on the lock gates

The weather is still good enough for enjoyable cruising.

The moorings at Dompierre with excellent facilities

The autumn colours really showing up on the trees now

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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