Day 160 –Monday 10 September – Clamecy–Nivernais canal

This will be a quick post, as we are about to leave the wonderful town of Clamecy where we have spent a delightful few days, Including a fete that took place literally outside our boat.

Taking advantage of the local delicacies on sale, will start the diet next month!
You will have noticed in my last Blog that there were reported problems with water levels on the Nivernais canal between locks 53and 54, a long pond of 1.5 Kilometres.  We were advised not to go through as they only specified a depth of water of 70 centimetres and we are 60 centimetres so very little between our bottom and the canal bed, also they would only specify this depth for 5 meters width and we are 3.6 meters. So we had 70 centimetres each side and 10 centimetres below.

 The sight that greeted us on exiting lock 54

 The levels were very low and keeping the boat in the centre of the remaining channel was a challenge!

 Anyone for footie

The cause of the problem, a breach in the canal wall which leaked water into the adjacent river Yonne.
The lovely lady lock keeper greeted us like long lost explorers and a bottle of bubbly was duly opened.
Having now spent the weekend in Clamecy we are off later today heading for the summit of the canal with its many locks, but splendid scenery to come if the weather continues to be glorious

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • Roz and John

    Hi both,
    Looks like you are still enjoying your adventure, we enjoy reading about it and seeing the photo’s.
    We have a blog, it is called our life in St Aignan sur roe but I don’t know how to give you a link to it hopefully you can find it just with the name and follow us please.. keep the blogs comingand more photo’s of Teresa please..x Roz & John

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