Day 143- Monday September 5- Clamecy-Canal Nivernais

We are still in Clamecy, chilling; catching up with jobs; and waiting for my little French electrician friend to come this afternoon to fix the connection/battery problem with the bow thruster, he is a great chap speaks absolutely no English, so it tested my French to the limits plus a little charades miming got over the fact that the batteries controlling the bow thruster are not delivering the power required.  You would have been impressed with my miming for Bow Thruster!!
I have not mentioned Gladys lately in the Blog so here goes.  She is doing very well and growing up past the puppy stage into a smashing dog.  However, going for our long walks in the morning and evening are a bit strange.  We start off together, and in the main we finish together but the long bit in the middle we tend to do our own thing, she goes off on her run and I walk steadily along the towpath catching the occasional glimpse of grey and black.  However, the big change is when I call her now she tends to respond and comes to me fairly quickly.  To sum up she runs the show and turns up when she feels like it.
Yesterday there was a huge Vide Granier in Clamecy, basically a car boot sale in England.  I managed to pick up a fabulous, solid teak fold up chair for 5 euros, also eat lunch on a food stall, 2 sausages and heaps of chips for 3 euros. See photos below.
We will probably leave Tuesday morning and head for Decize by the 15 September.  Len the Aussie will bring the car (Trusty) over on the 16th and then head back to Australia.  Harry and Marion will visit around that time and after that we will sit out the Canal du Centre closures either in Decize or Gannay if we can get there.

On route to the vide grainer

A little light lunch

Clamecy is surrounded by water with the convergence of three separate rivers and the canal and some delightful old houses

A sombre reminder of the resistance fight in this area during the war

Clamecy is an artists town with many local small art exhibitions, this one happened to be in a restored wash house (lavoir)

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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