Day 139- Thursday September 1- Clamecy-Canal Nivernais

Its September already and autumn is just around the corner.
Right now we are in Clamecy having spent the last week cruising the Nivernais from its start in Auxerre to one of our favourite places, the medieval town of Clamecy.  For those of you who follow the Blog you will know we have stopped here before, in May this year, we enjoyed our stay last time and this time we intend to stay for 5 days as Harry and Marion are due to arrive for a visit on Monday and Clamecy is a good a place as any to entertain visitors, even Harry and Marion!! I am trying to give my liver a bit of a rest for when they arrive.
The following are a small sample of the photos Terry has taken over the last week and give a little flavour of our journey

Leaving the magnificent city of Auxerre

Meeting up with old friends Bob and Jackie at Bailly, there are hundreds of Australians around this year, but luckily most can take a joke about the cricket!!

The lovely mooring at Acolay where we saw the French at play

Teams for river jousting turned up in fine regalia

and the French do love a trophy or two

good fun seemed to be had by all

and some got very wet which perhaps was the whole idea, but very shallow so no real danger

the whole village turned out to support the event, impressive.

The girls had a go and from where I was standing they seemed more determined than the men

A beautiful  misty dawn in Acolay

If you are ever passing this way give this village a look

My favourite statue at Mailly

The sun is up, the boat is going fine, and the views are incredible, life is good

The fine mooring by the climbing rocks at Rochas

And a mighty fine climber to savour

Children adventure groups were also out on the water

Unfortunately, did not have the time to climb up myself maybe next time

after the busy stop at Rochas, a tranquil stretch leading to Clamecy

In the guidebooks this is described as a fortified farm, would liked to learned more about its history, made a note to do so next time.

The entrance into Clamecy along the Yonne river.

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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    Hello, we have tracked you down at last!! So pleased to see you are still enjoying your adventure. Think of you often and send you lots of love, Chris, Sam and Izzy xx

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