Day 135 –Sunday 12 August –Givet-France

 We had  some great visits whilst at Leers Nord from Simon Lou and young Stanley, and also John and Jenny who popped in for one night on the way back from their holiday in Italy.
Simon, young Stanley and Lou, enjoying a chill out time and Gladys behaved immaculately with the baby  

 The great mooring at Leers-Nord, and blessed with fine weather

 Well we finally left Leers-Nord and the lovely Anita and her family last Sunday, they were so welcoming and we had to promise to return next year before being allowed to leave the mooring

Anita wishing us Bon Voyage
We travelled back towards France with Dawn and Paul on Casey May Too.  
We stayed with them as far as Charleroi where they turned right and we turned left towards France and Givet.

It was great getting onto the Meuse river after the commercial and industrial setting of the Brussels -Charleroi canal.

We have been studying best route back to Decize scenarios, and the one we have fixed on is the Meuse as far as Pont a bar, then down the canal Ardennes to Berry au Bac, then the Marne to Conde-Sur-Marne, then down the Marne to Paris via Meaux, then up the Seine to Moret. Hopefully we can meet up with some old friends along the way
  The decision is yet to be made which route from Moret to Decize but that will depend on our progress up to that point and the state of the navigation on the Nivernais.

I have calculated the route on an average of 20K per day which will put us in Decize by end of September where we need to secure our winter mooring.  Unfortunately the  uncertainty of the navigation on the canal du centre  prevented the more easterly route back but we will do that eastern side of France next year.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • Laura

    Terry what happened to your weight loss?
    We are at present in Castelsarrasin along with Merlot and Katore. Keys is trying to make friends with Oska but Oska at 8 months is not safe off the leash where there are cars.

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