Day 132- Thursday August 25- Auxerre- River Yonne

Well here we are having finished our trip down the canal du Bourgogne on Tuesday and then making the short trip up the Yonne river to Auxerre which is also the start of the canal du Nivernais which we will commence in the next couple of days.
We really enjoyed the Bourgogne this time and I think that was due to the fact that we had some decent travelling companions, Ian and Sue at the start and Jo and Janna towards the end with the added bonus of a visit from our dear friends Simon, Lou and Stanley in the middle .
The following pictures give a light hearted flavour of the trip featuring the people involved.

A classic game of Bouls in Pouilly with Jo throwing in a competitive way, Ian cheating, Simon waiting his turn and me having a drink, same old ,same old.

There is a strange smell around here…. if I did not know different I would say it was a horse farting

early morning at Ravieres as the sun raises the mist from the water

Another fine barbecue with Jo and Janna

Daddy Jean-Max with his 3 naughty daughters on a trip to the Château at Ancy

The hotel boat Horizon making the tight turn at Tanlay

We visited the national monument of the Fosse Dionne at Tonerre on the hottest day of the year, so nobody objected to Gladys chilling her toes

You are right Gladys it is the only way to chill…heaven

Strange tree and a little unnerving at Tonerre

On the approach to Auxerre the first signs of Autumn with the trees changing colour already

Arriving in Auxerre in the drizzle..yes Autumn is coming but there is still plenty of high days to come before we settle down for the winter in Montceau.
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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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