Day 123 –Tuesday 31 July- Leers-Nord, Belgium

Welcoming visitors and the arrival of summer

Yes still here, but what a great stop, as near perfect as we have encountered so far.  We did intend to go a bit south to the Somme to welcome our good friends but staying here seemed a better bet, and so it proved to be.

‘It’s your turn to push Stanley’ — ‘No way its not a man image’– ‘take your turn with Stanley or I will shoot you with this gun in my bag’

‘Yep much more macho’

Simon, Lou and young Stanley arrived last Saturday for a week’s stay, and they brought some really good weather with them.

The big barbeque got dusted off and was used most days of their stay, in fact it was too hot at night with some difficulty sleeping but the glorious sunshine during the day made it all worth it.

We managed a trip to Lille and met up with Dawn and Paul on Masey May Too

It was great having access to a car so a big shop at the local Auchan, topping up the diesel and changing an empty gas bottle all achieved in an early morning with our big umbrella providing shading for the rest of the day.

What have you done in your nappy?

‘Uncle Terry, Gladys has eaten my nappy’

It was a great visit and over far too quickly, but now we have to plan our way back to the winter mooring at St Leger, Decize.  We are now in August, just, and will leave here this weekend and head for St Jean des Losnes, where we will meander up the Bourgogne and down the Nivernais, where hopefully we will meet up with some old friends.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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