Day 120- Saturday August 13- Ancy- Canal de Bourgogne

No internet here so I am composing offline to upload when it next becomes available.  It has been an interesting time of late with our friends Simon Lou and Stanley coming and going, and then Ian and Sue leaving us to make the complicated journey back to Australia.
We have now teamed up with Jo and Jana for the last few days and we will continue with them until the bottom of the Bourgogne when they too will leave us to head back to their winter mooring at St Jean.  Last evening we had a surprise visit from Catherine and Jean-Max on Blanche Hermine traveling in the opposite direction to us but stopping at Ancy for the night.  They have been up to Paris and back since we last saw them on the Nivernais back in April and it was great to catch up with their news and share a glass or two.
The weather has been changeable to say the least with great downpours one day and shearing heat the next.  They still talk of closing some canals due to lack of water  at the end of August but hopefully the torrents recently will prevent any closures, but we will continue our sweet way down the Bourgogne then up the Nivernais heading back to our own winter mooring at Montceau by November.

A lovely stretch of canal leading to Ancy

The weather is either searing hot or bucketing down, this day glorious

Can I get off dad for a little pipi

The stone quarry near Ancy looking from a distance like an ancient Aztec city

Jana adjusting the barbecue, she should know better barbecues is men work

having a great feast in the evening sunshine, is does not get much better

The mooring at Ancy with some new friends from Sweden, Lars and Aneka, surprising what you can get flat packed at Ikea these days!

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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