Day 109-Tuesday 2 August-Pouilly

Just finished a great visit from our friends Simon Lou and young Stanley.  They hooked up with us at Pouilly at the top of the Bourgogne, and after a day chilling out we headed back through the tunnel and back to Vandenesse for a couple of days before heading back through the tunnel and mooring up back at Pouilly.
We are still at Pouilly and Simon Lou and Stanley left us yesterday morning.
We are both suffering from summer colds right now and have delayed our departure from Pouilly until tomorrow, we did manage a fine barbecue  with fellow boaters Ian and Sue  and Jo and Jenna, the weather has turned to fine and sunny again and we stayed outside until late; playing Bouls, eating, drinking and then playing cards till very late.  Everyone had a good time and we will repeat tonight.

The fine restaurant at Vandenesse where we all, including young Stanley enjoyed a fine ‘menu de jour’

Very well presented food at excellent prices

Simon and Lou decided to enjoy a swim in the canal, however, the hotel boat in the background wanted to moor in our spot to let off the crew for  a summer break, after prolonged negotiations I let them slip onto our mooring and butted up with them….

…then enjoyed their facilities on-board, introducing young Stanley to the joys of swimming

Another fine restaurant at Château Chailly

the fine Chateauneuf near Vandenesse a tough walk uphill when you out of condition Simon

But fine rewards after you get your breath
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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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