Day 108 –Monday 16 July- Leers-Nord, Belgium

Muscles and samba

The summer continues to be a wash out here, but summer arrived in the form of buckets of muscles and a Brazilian dance troupe under a marquee at the ‘Maison du Canal’ bar.

Paul, Dawn and Gunner arrived before the weekend and joined us for a muscle and samba fest on Sunday.  The lovely Anita had reserved a VIP table for us and we were served up a mountain of ‘muscles a la cream’ with Brazilian cocktails and lashing of dry white wine.

Later we were able to burn off some calories, not enough though, by joining in the samba dancing.  

I was so good at the samba that I was not surprised to be offered a contract with the troupe

 but Teresa told me I had to pass it down, she spoils all my fun!

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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