Cold damp and grey and that’s just my underwear

The weather actually much brighter this week but ruddy cold at night.  Had the electric blanket on for the first time last night and the neighbours must have raised their eyebrows when Teresa got into bed last and screamed with delight.

The eating regime goes well now lost 2 and half stones and will make 3 stone loss by christmas.


The shorts did not stay on long! Back into the wardrobe till Spring they go.

The weather has been dire lately with lots of wet grey days but this week much colder but crisp and bright.


An interesting mural on a local house contrasting with the autumn colours.

We also had our first ice on the canal basin today.


and its due to be -5 tonight so there will be a lot more tomorrow.

At least with the dry weather I have been able to get the wood delivered last week cut up and stored


Very satisfying knowing that we will be toasty warm this winter.

We are not going back to the UK this Christmas so expect some more posts in the next few weeks.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Roz & John

    Wow you are looking really good Terry, it’s about time we had some pics of Mrs T, what diet are you on please.
    It sounds like you are nice and cosy on that boat.

  • ian and Sue

    You are looking good Terry. We have just come home from a 10 day cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore via Vietnam. Back to gym tomorrow as too much good food! Ian will have to front up to Jenny Craig next week!!

    Best wishes to you both and have a “cosy” winter.

    Sue and Ian

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