Clamecy, canal de Nivernais, August 5

Well we have been here for the weekend and we will stay for a few days more as it is such a great place and August brings all the fetes and fun stuff around here.

The moorings are a bit tight in the inner port at Clamecy and when this large boat arrived with its ridiculous sited anchor and a skipper who was less than competent everybody got a bit nervous, he managed to hit two boats on the way in but did little damage.

Saturday was market day, and the French do love their markets, and mostly they have the usual array of stalls but sometimes you come across an unusual one, this one sold grandfather clocks!!  Who goes out to a market to buy their fruit and veg and comes back with a grandfather clock, wonderful.

There is also a fabulous indoor market on a Saturday in Clamecy and it is Artichoke season and we have got well into eating artichokes.

You simply trim the tops off and break off the bottom stalk and boil them in seasoned water for about half an hour.  Then make up a mustard vinaigrette and serve, absolutely delicious, even topless!!

We do treat ourselves every so often and there is a small restaurant in Clamecy which we have always liked the look of and at last we got to try it, it was wonderful food and style of the place was knock out.  A great evening

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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