Christmas day and New Year in Montceau

Well the festivities came and went and they were good.  Montceau knows how to throw a party and the effort made by the town and its officials was greatly appreciated.

The town was in its glory Christmas day with a fresh fall of snow to create classic Christmas card scenes, now looking forward to the spring and the longer days and warmth.

Our fellow live-aboard’s Peter and Angie are back from their week in the UK and Kes has left our charge, he was a delight to look after and we miss his little wet nose waking us up in the mornings .

We are still planning a trip back to the UK in the new year which will probably be by hiring a car in France and driving back,  overall it seems the cheapest and best option as it allows us to bring some stuff  back and gives us the greatest flexibility, although we will not have time to visit all the people we miss most.  We will get to see our son James and Simon and Lou and the new baby, and we will  drive down to see our daughter Lizzie and the grandchildren but that will be about all we can do in the time.

The one problem is that my new driving licence has been lost in the post so I have to wait for the duplicate to turn up before I can book the car, but hopefully all that will be sorted out within the next few weeks, and we can enjoy a winter break away from the boat with a visit to family and some friends, although not all , due to the time.  Hopefully John and Jenny will make it over to us in the summer and Harry and Marion will be meeting up with us in the spring on the Nivernais canal, so our little drink in a proper Irish pub will have to be replaced by a few noggins or more in a local French bar….oh and how we are longing for the first barbeque of the season.

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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