Christmas and New Year in Gent

Well another Christmas over and new year looming at the end of the week, before the slow wait for spring begins.
The cold snap is still around but we are tending to get more rain than snow these days, however, when we do have cloud free days there is already a sense that the days are getting slightly longer each time..oh roll on those long lasy summer days.
We have had several planning meetings in the last few weeks to decide where we are going to head for in late March when we leave this winter mooring.  It may well be that the currrent cold snap has influenced our decision to head south for next winter.  The most likely destination,, at the moment will be somewhere in the south of france probably near Toulouse.
Still no camera as our friends did not arrive with the replacement camera,  they are hoping to make it mid january and fortunatly, the ferry company have allowed them to rebook due to the horrendous conditions around Dover prior to Christams.
The weather was fine yesterday and we started to explore on foot the beautiful city of Gent.  We got a walking map from the tourist office and as the start is only a short walk from the boat, we started from the tourist office and made it to around halfway before deciding to head back as the day was running out of steam and so were we.  There is no rush and we promised ourselves to pick up the route from where we left off at the earliest opportunity.  Unfortuinatly, it will not be today ad it is very wet and rain foreacst all day.  What we did see yesterady was very impressive and when the camera arrives I will retreach our steps and take some good and interesting shots.
We have adapted to this mooring and are very comfotable.  We use much less water than we used to.  There is a water tap on the mooring but only one is kept running during the winter and it requires two long hoses joined together to reach our boat.  Not difficult but a bit of a pain so we use less water. We shower in the clubhouse and do the washing of clothes in there too.  It is remarkable how much longer a water tank lasts with these two simple measures.  It is interesting to note that all of us will be forced to consider water shortages before long.  They say that in future wars will be fought, not over oil, but over water.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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