Chatillon Coligny

We left Belleville  on Monday morning after a very pleasant stay, and headed north towards Montargis.

We stopped at lunchtime to visit Door the harbour master at Briare , she should have been expecting us but typical Door she forgot we were coming!  However, she did eventually turn up to greet us and spill all the gossip and other news.


crossing the aqueduct at Briare.


Door finally arrived, will I let her know for years to come that she forgot we were coming, you bet I will!


One of the downsides of mooring at Briare is that you can find yourselves moored by some scruffy Australian boat!.  (Hi Len)

The rest of the journey was peaceful with very few boats about



Showing off the new flag.


A visit by a beautiful damselfly.

We stopped at Ouzouer overnight  and journeyed towards Chatilllon but found a charming  mooring on the way at Damarie and decided to stay.




Not much of interest in the village of Damarie , but they did have a very impressive war memorial which made one think of the horror of war.


The following morning we set off for Chatillon but at the first lock we were told there was a commercial boat coming the other way and we would have to wait until it had passed.  An hour and a half later  we finally got going but to balance things up the lock keepers speedily put us through the six locks to Chatillon in record time so we still arrived at Chatillon before lunch time stoppages.


The mooring at Chatillon and according to the Belgium in front of us we were too close to his boat and would have to move, I did  not take any notice of his brandishing a boat hook in my direction and told him he was an Idiot which did not go down well!  The harbour master arrived and informed him politely that we were moored acceptably and if he did not like us being that close he could move elsewhere.  This again did not go down well and shortly afterwards he took off in a huff on full throttle, making obscene finger gestures at me and the harbour master.  I laughed and she smiled and all was peaceful again.


Lovely display of flowers at the port.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda Bostock

    Fab photographs as usual and you are enjoying yourselves as per you should. We left England on 2nd May and slowly made our way down here to Giens near Hyeres. We had a great stop in the Vercors region where Clive climbed Le Grande Vermount, not once, but twice. Just because he could. Any news on new van?

    • Terry Barrett

      No new van at the moment, we are looking and hopefully will get one before September, and then set off for another adventure. In the meantime we continue cruising and blacking Renaissances bottom at the end of the month

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