Chatillon-Coligny PK29 Canal de Briare

Hi folks. well we are moving regularly but slowly, we left the Canal Lateral on Easter Sunday and moored at an old favourite stop, although impossible to pronounce, Ouzouer-sur-Trezee.

Leaving your boat unattended in the winter can have dire consequences.  A sobering and sombre sight  on the canal Lateral.

We also found a very good stop opposite one of  the many Nuclear power stations in France at a place called Sury, very pretty village with massive civic pride on display.  Also at Sury we were passed by our first big commercial of the season.



There are a number of new or vastly improved moorings on this stretch of the Lateral, this one was at Beffes, last time we stooped here 2 years ago it was a bit of a dump, now all shiny and new like a virgin…




We also caught sight of the new type of Satellite receiver on a boat.  This will probably be the future as it can receive TV,  high speed Internet and phone  all from the one dish.  We will consider this once the price comes down a bit.





The weather took a downward turn last week but the last few days have seen the temperature rise and a return to glorious sunrises and  sets.




Sunrise at Sury

Yesterday we did the climb up to the summit and down again to Chatillon-Coligny. A short trip only 20K but 20 locks makes it feel like a long day. We left at 0900 and arrived at Chatillon at 1500, so a 6 hour day which is longer than normal for us but a really enjoyable trip with the locks being kept up to high standard by the various lock keepers.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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