Moving my posts

I am  moving our news to my Facebook page.

finishing the yurt base and garden growth

The long hot summer has started and allowed us to get on with the Yurt base . without my mate Mark’s help it would have taken a lot longer, but finally it got done by starting early in the morning and stopping before the heat gets too much. The hot weather has also meant the garden has gone ballistic with...

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Preparing for the Yurt arrival.

Well things have  been going along at a pace at the field,   Crops are growing well and  we both have renewed energy with the weight loss and good weather. Tes showing off the willow growth in 6 months and out first crops are being harvested. cucumber. I have lost 5 stones since Christmas and still aiming for  another 2 stone...

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getting slimmer and progress up the field

The aim was always to lose  7 stone,  why you ask .  Well back in 1984 I ran the London Marathon, I  still have my medal and  a photo crossing the finishing line with a great big grin of satisfaction.  I was 14 stone 7 lbs at the time and fitter than I have ever been.  At the start of...

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Halfway achieved; 3 1/2 stone down and 3 1/2 stone to go.

Yes a nice milestone but only halfway there, so head down and no big blow out just yet.  In fact this eating regime does not lead to great desire to stuff oneself silly, quite the opposite, it is very rare that we feel hungry on the Keto regime.  All I can report is that it has worked for me…so far....

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