Campervan, weight loss and winter plans

We have acquired a Camper-van and I had a bit of an adventure getting it.


I got the Euro-star to UK and train connection to Taunton and all to look at a camper-van with a view to spending some of the winter months in the sun down in southern Spain and Portugal.

We have been looking for some time online, E Bay, Gum tree, Auto trader and the like but nothing seemed to be around that we could either afford or we liked the look of.


Then my good friend Mark who happened to be in the UK found an interesting van practically on his doorstep in Taunton.  I organised Euro-star tickets and within 4 days I was driving my very own Camper-van back to our winter mooring in Decize, where it now sits waiting for its first excursion.  Our friends Chris and Jac suggested a name for the van and with a bit of tweaking its now ‘Me Van Oui’, see what we did there a little bit of our welsh connection, and a hint of cockney and a touch of French.


Just captured this shot at full moon as we finished tidying up ‘Me Van Oui’ for the night

The weather has been cold and dry up to today when it warmed up and rained, we much prefer cold and dry, with glorious dawns and sunsets


A lovely dawn just for Marco…ciao

The weight loss has gone very well despite my trip to the UK, with a total loss of 3 stone recorded this week.  I aim to keep off the 3 stone over Christmas and then have another purge in the New Year.  My three diet tips this time are (a) to weigh out your rice, pasta and noodles and any other carb and stick to 50 grams a portion, (b) eat your main meal at lunch time, and (c) try to exercise, (out of breath exercise that is!!) 30 minutes a day.

Well the festive season is upon us and the great day, winter Solstice, that is not Christmas, is 2 days away.  As I might have mentioned before I love winter solstice, for me it’s the end of winter, or at least the end of it getting darker earlier, from now on the days start to extend and the dark nights shrink away…magic.

The other news is that this weekend we are off for a couple of nights to test out ‘Me Van Oui’.  We are not going far just a short trip so we can experience the van overnight and make a list of all the things we need for the longer trip planned in the New Year to Spain and Portugal.  So the next the Blog should be when we are on our way south…watch this space.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Roz

    Well done with the weight loss and a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2014 to you both, can I ask is Me Van oui a right hand drive and are you keeping her English registration, we are thinking of getting one and wondered how we would do with MOT/TAX etc: any help with that would be gratefully received.
    Roz & John xxx

  • ian and Sue

    Congratulations on the weight loss. Ian has lost 10 kilos. Just love your sunset photo’s. Makes me want to be where you are.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Enjoy your new van!

    Sue and Ian

  • Jac and Chris

    Me Van Oui looks great and spacious inside as well. Hope you have many new adventures with her. Enjoy your first trip!
    Love Jac and Chris

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