Burgundy to Champagne

That driving rain has continued throughout today, Sunday, and I am currently sitting in the back of the boat under cover composing this blog rather than venturing outside.

In recent days we have completed the Canal de la Marne a la Saone, basically the link between St Jean de Losnes, on the Soane, to Vitry le Francois at the start of the Marne lateral. We then cruised up the marne canal to Chalons where we are now.

The last bit of the Canal de la Marne a la Saone was a bit boring and tedious. A bit like motorway driving. Not much to interest you, long straight stretches and flat and uninteresting landscape. That only lasted for the final stretch between St Dizier and Vitry, and it served a purpose, as it made the really good bits stand out. ‘If all food tasted delicious how would you know it was delicious?’

Anyway arrived in Vitry, very good mooring if a bit awkward to get into and out of. We were lucky as we found a mooring very close to the entrance but ‘Tasman’ had to go a long way inside the arm and ease into a small and shallow space. Vitry has a nice feel to it and a very friendly Captaine, who gently, but persistently corrected my poor French; as all my French is poor she was a very busy girl, but we had a giggle at my pronouncement of Reims, in English ‘Reams’, but in French something weird like ‘rahggs’ with a guttural throat sound. Never got it right but fun watching her face collapse with laughter at my attempts.

We left Virty early on Saturday morning and arrived in Chalon yesterday afternoon. An easy run with all the locks set for us and an improved vista on this Marne lateral canal.

Tomorrow the plan is to leave here and head for Reims (Reams or Rahggs), via Conde sur Marne, it will take us two days and we will then shop and fill up with some diesel. Follows of this Blog will know that we have been to Reims before, that is where our bow thruster burnt out. So we know the mooring places on this canal.

We don’t stay on familiar waterways for very long because after Reims we travel only a few kilometers to Berry au Bac before turning left to our eventual destination of Vic -sur -Aisne where we will be for at least a week, enjoying the company of our daughter and the grandchildren.

I have posted more pictures on the web album

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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