Building a deck.

We decided that a  priority for the field was  a dry flat area outside where we could eat and relax.  A 4 x 3 meter  deck  was  the decision and  the task was undertaken with gusto and a  little help for my mate mark.  Well actually a lot of help and expertise so I remain in serious debit in the  help stakes.

As in most projects the preparation work is the most time consuming and setting out nine concrete slabs to take the weight of a floating deck proved to be  long  drawn out affair.

All the remaining phases went smoothly and rapidly.

making sure the frame fitted the concrete slabs, then off to the Brico to get the wood.

Fixing the main frame and  the cross pieces.

before starting on the deck proper

I think  Mark was being foreman in this shot.

progress was very rapid from here on in.

nearly done and Gladys checking levels and access to her food.

Two satisfied gentlemen, a  job well done.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey Bomford

    My but you have been a busy beaver. And in all that heat too. Well done. All that hard work should be paying you some waistline benefits too.

    We too are enduring an unusually hot dry spell with lots of forest fire smoke making it’s way down to the coast from the fires in the Interior. Rain promised for the weekend, I really hope they are right.

    Col and Carol Jones had to turn back on their planned journey to Roermond from Metz as there is not enough water in the Meuse. They are currently in Toul and are hoping to leave Le Ferro in Auxonne for the winter.

    Cheers, Chris & Betsey

    • Terry Barrett

      sorry to hear that your friends are experiencing difficulties due to drought, raining here now so may ease soon. So pleased that Trump opted out of the PARIS CLIMATE CHANGE agreement what an idiot. The weather has been extreme all over this year x

  • sue and ian deany

    Is that Terri I spy in the background watching and supervising! Terry you must be shedding a few pounds with all this manual labour!

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