Boat fixed and leaving Nemours today– Tuesday 6 May

Well the boat took longer to fix than anticipated.  The alternator was replaced, but unfortunately, not exactly the same size as the original. It’s the same all other respects but the belt did not run parallel so a bit of cutting and packing required on Monday to make it work and last for a long time.

The delay has meant we have been able to explore Nemours more thoroughly than we have before, and with the first decent weather we have had for a week we decided to make the most of it and stroll around the picturesque town of Nemours, on Sunday.



It is a very interesting town and surrounded by water, this is a view from the castle gardens




A big Museum in town




and we also found a plaque celebrating the liberation of the town in WWII by the infamous general George Paton of the USA army

We will leave here today and I suspect Peter and Angela (Kotare) may well catch us up soon as we have been stopped for 10 days and I also expect to bump into (not literally) Andy and Wendy (Mary Rose) who are making their merry way up the Nivernais towards Paris and the north so we will be on the same stretch of water next week.  We didn’t get a chance to say goodbye when we left our winter moorings at St Leger so it will be nice to catch up and share adventures.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda Bostock

    Good work getting the alternator replaced, so on your travels again. We’ve been travelling too, Cologne, Prague, Vienna and now in Budapest.

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