Birthday boy and leaving winter mooring

Had a great birthday , lovely breakfast with champagne, small lunch and a gourmand dinner at the best restaurant in town paid for by my generous offspring.


Now that’s over with its been cleaning and preparing for the off.  The weather forecast is good for the next week so a move to our old mooring at St Leger is on the cards.  There is a  problem with the Loire river at the  moment as its in flood.  The first challenge of the season, but as we both have a touch of cabin fever so we are setting off tomorrow regardless.


Gladys also has a  touch of cabin fever and although she looks relaxed, deep down she is like a curled spring.

Lets hope the weather forecast is right .


Great dawn at the mooring encouraging an early departure.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Frank and Jill Gadman

    Happy 70th birthday! Sounded a good one. Happy travels to St Leger. Hope the Loire goes down before you get there! We drive to St Jean towards the end of April but not sure which route we will take yet. Hope to see you somewhere along the way. Jill and Frank

  • Roz & John

    Happy Birthday Tel, not looking too bad for 70, glad you are still enjoying the waterways of France, can’t believe we have been her over 7 years now, happy travels to you both

  • Freda and Clive Bostock

    Happy birthday Terry – that cake looks fab, I am sure you enjoyed eating it. St Leger awaits – Bon voyage.

  • Harry & Marion "Driftwood"

    Ah happy birthday old boy 🙂 you’re always as young as you feel. Now fire her up and loosen the ropes (I am of course talking about the boat!)

  • Hilary Cox

    Vic said you are looking good – making him envious ‘you old git!’ His words, not mine! Didn’t realise that it was such a special birthday – many congratulations & much love. Missing you guys this year xxx

  • Jean-Max & Catherine

    Heureux anniversaire Terry
    Tous nos voeux pour une belle vie et de beaux voyages

    Jean-Max et Catherine
    La Blanche Hermine

  • Chris & Betsey Bomford

    My goodness, 70? I would have only guessed 55, maybe 56 tops. Belated many happy returns to you Terry. Hope you had a grand day!

    I did a quick search of St. Leger on maps and there is only about 12 of them in France. I am guessing you are going to St.-Léger-sur-Dheune?

    Bon Voyage. Wish we could be there following along in Maggie.

    Cheers, Chris and Betsey

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