Best laid plans of mice and men–Aug 24

I have said it many times when writing this Blog that plans are often torn up on the first day, and ‘vague ideas’ are less frustrating.

We left Chalons en Champagne on Friday fully intending to  explore the Canal de la Marne a la Saone, then to cruise down the Saone to Chalon sur Saone and then up the Canal du Centre  and eventually back to Decize for the winter.

We spent a very pleasant Friday night with Chris and Betsy off Maggie May at Soulanges but discovered the update on the Canal du Centre and it was not good.  Basically the VNF intend to close the canal in September due to lack of water.  Of course this could change, heavy rain between now and the beginning of September could cause the canal to stay open, but it needs to rain a lot and we need to know we can get through to winter moorings.

So we turned around on Saturday morning and came back to Chalons for the weekend and on Monday we will head back down the Marne to Paris and the Seine up to Moret and the Loing, the Briare and the Lateral, that’s the ‘vague idea’ at any rate.

It’s not so bad, Chalons en Champagne is a really lovely town with great moorings and even has a superb Indian restaurant so no hardship to spend another few days here.



The shirt is getting a wee bit tight, the food superb



Me promising the manager to be back soon


Little Jack off a neighbouring boat wondering if Gladys had finished all her food.


The  Saint-Etienne cathedral near the moorings

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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