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We are back.


Yes 1300 miles in 4 days to get back and in touch with the flood situation in Gloucester where we still have a property on the river Severn and tenants in danger of getting very wet.

However, pleased to say that they are still in the dry in Gloucester and although the flood danger is not yet passed the situation is improving and if the wet weather abates the flood risk will be reduced and we can stay on board and prepare for the coming cruising season.


I would like to reflect on our journey in ‘Me Van Oui Snowbird’.  The three of us, Teresa, Gladys and me, spent 5 weeks in the van. A much smaller space than we are used to and the poor weather at times made us stay in the van for a large proportion of the time.   A bit like the moment in ‘Jaws’ when Roy Schneider realises he needs a ‘bigger boat’ we realised, during a wet day on the trip, we need a bigger van to make the experience more enjoyable.


Do not get me wrong Me Van Oui performed extremely well, everything on the van worked well, the hob, oven and grill worked better than the boat.  The heater and hot water system was very efficient and of course the toilet was good and easy to operate, and most important the engine was faultless during the entire trip, not unreasonable for a diesel engine that has still less than 50,000 miles on the clock, and MOT’d until November 2014. So a brilliant van for 2 people but a bit small for 2 plus a big dog!  In conclusion we will probably put the van for sale on EBay in the spring, but we will get another motorhome because the overall experience was great, we travelled through some incredible country, met some lovely people and enjoyed the sites, wine and food of France, Spain and Portugal.

Anyone interested in Me Van Oui contact me via the email [email protected], for an bargain deal.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda Bostock

    Winnebago or Concorde next year then Terry? Good to know you’re going to continue Motorhoming and fab you’re all home safe and well.

  • Hilary Cox

    Can’t believe you got back so fast! Mind you, we hurtled out of Portugal too, in an effort to escape the rain. Did the tourist bit in the Alhambra and then fast-tracked back to the med. Currently wild camping at Punto de Calnegre outside Mazarron. Hope all is well with you back on your cozy boat. Do stay in touch – Vic & Hils xx

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