Back to home base then off in the camper-van towards Switzerland.

Autumn was showing its face towards the end of our cruising time on the boat this year.  The sun still shone but the leaves on trees were changing colour daily.


Autumn and  a dramatic sunrise near Nevers


arrived at a new mooring at Beffes and serendipity found a local clog dancing group in the village hall, all very french and very local.


This is what happens when you leave your bike too long at a lock on the Lateral


When we got back the weather  was so good we immediately took off for the Jura and we met up with Mark and Celia for a few days then headed  back via the swizz border and the numerous lakes in the area.  Lovely area well worth a prolonged visit next time.


This town was the centre of strong resistance during the last war and it was also where many Jewish families were rounded up and sent off to concentration camps in Poland.  A magnificent sculpture but an uncomfortable reminded of man’s inhumaneness.



Last moment of wonderful pleasure was arriving at a vineyard in Beaujolais and meeting up with Serge and his family . We turned up on a Sunday afternoon and the family were gathered  around a pile of wooden pallets drinking last years vintage, naturally it would have been rude not to accept their invitation to partake.

The family have been growing vines and making wine for many years.  Serge spent several hours with me showing me his 47 fields of vines and the process of making the wine and drinking far too much of the recent vintages,  absolutely wonderful finish to  a short trip in the camper





This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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