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I answered the call of the log fire and it burns brightly in the grate as I type this Blog. Yes, we are back and preparing for the season but before we get into that a reflection on the trip to Spain and Portugal.
The trip was superb with many highlights which I have already chronicled in previous Blog entries and the one theme which followed us home was that of the Camino (the popular pilgrimage from numerous places throughout Europe to the city of Santiago de Compostela).
All along the journey home we encountered examples of the Camino and images of the saint St. James.
Our camper-van (Me Van Oui) has now been sold to my friend Jo. The reason for the sale is to allow us to upgrade to a bigger van to allow us longer trips in future.
But for now we will continue the preparations before planning our boat route this coming season. We will black the bottom of the boat before we set off so that will be done in the next few weeks.

This is a short Blog post but I leave you with some words that are not mine but reflect my thoughts at this time

I wish you dreams to no end and the furious desire to make a few.

I wish you to love what you have to love and forget cequ’il forget.

I wish you passions, I wish you silences.

I wish you birdsong in the morning and children’s laughter.

I wish you to respect each other’s differences, because the merit and value of

each are often discovered.

I wish you to resist stagnation, indifference and negative virtues of our


Finally, I hope you never give up the search, to adventure, to life, to love,

because life is a great adventure and no one reasonably should give without delivering it

a tough battle.

I especially want you to be yourself, be proud of and happy, because happiness is our

true destiny.
Jacques Brel January 1, 1968: and thanks to Celia for finding the quote.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Fernando Serra

    Bonjour mon Amies! I am going to start my next journey to Spain via gorgeous France and then onto the USA very soon and I wonder where you will be in about three weeks time as I would love to have a beer with you all! I have loads to tell you and it would be lovely to spend a bit of time with you! as always I am “rushing around” but hey hope I may be able to catch up with you this trip if only for a shor time! take care happy cruising and hopefully i may be able to see you soon! Fernando x

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