Baby ducks and field stuff

Well our mummy duck finally  had her babies.

She completly destroyed the herb and flowers on  the front of the boat, had 6 chicks left 3 unfertilised behind and buggered off without paying her rent.

She now waits outside the boat every morning, with her brood,  expecting more goodies, cheeky.

We also have a very large Coypu swimming in the port , fearless, he is swimming within 2 feet of the boat hatch.  I think  because we have been on the water , in France , for  over  8  years  we can occasionally take the abundance of wildlife for granted.

and up the  field  there is  a wide variety of wildlife and many different types  including this magnificent large swallow tail butterfly.

In the meantime I  have been concentrating on building and filling more raised bed in our permaculture garden, I must be mad in this heat , crazy time.


The good news is that  our plantings are growing well and we should be eating our  own spuds , salad and courgettes next week., happy days.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey Bomford

    I was wondering if you had allowed Mamma duck to stay where she had build her nest or if you had evicted her. In hind site, looking at the state of your herb plants, a timely eviction may have saved the herbs but would have been hard to do. 🙂

    Great photos of the flora and fauna (and farmer). Don’t over do it in that heat.

    • Terry Barrett

      we did leave her alone, she had the babies when we were away for the night at the field and vacated the nest the following day. Mummy and babies are still swimming around the boat. Hope all good in Canada.

  • Bernadette Van der wiele

    Hi T2 + G
    What a wonderful pre-made nest you left for mother duck. And yes, fancy swanning off without paying her due regards to you all. Still, she does have 6 little beaks to fill!
    Best wishes to you all.

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