autumn has arrived, time to prepare for winter.

It looks like we are going to be at St. Leger again this winter.  We did plan to move to Cercy-la -Tour just a little way up the canal but it didn’t  work for us so its business as usual this winter.

I have ordered my logs and they duly arrived,  and now I have to cut up six cubic meters  of logs to a size that’s fits our small log burner, all good for the regime as my friend Mark keeps telling me.

The growing  season is  coming to a  close now and Teresa has been ordering bucket loads of seeds for the spring.  As those who follow this Blog will know we started very late this year, but despite that we did produce a large variety of stuff and it  was all very tasty,  The plan is to be self sufficient in vegetables next year and if we get permission to live up the field next spring we can do more than just vegetables. We are in France and the bureaucracy here works extremely slowly , but despite that we love it here have no plans to move elsewhere.

We have started our French lessons again at our local college and our  patient, and very jolly teacher  Paul forgives us for not retaining all of last years knowledge!

We will be working up the field during the winter. I have to fix all the perimeter fencing and plant 200  trees for shade and wind protection as well as sowing loads of winter green manure in the raised beds as we empty them of there produce.  Not exactly busy and rushed off the feet time but not sitting idle either.



This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • Bernadette and Henk

    Hello Terry x2 + Gladys,
    It sounds like the vegetable patch is producing a treat for you all. Have you considered growing a variety of fruit and nut trees for shelter as well? Given your young ages and the slowness of the French bureaucracy, you will probably just be moving permanently to the site by time they are mature enough to bear abundant fruit!
    Best wishes for a mild winter. We will be thinking of you when we spend our Australian summer at the beach!
    Love and hugs to you all from Bernadette and Henk

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