..and then the rains came down, just when we had the water connected.

We have cruised the inland waterways of France and Belgium for the last 8 years, but this year we have  changed direction.  We bought a  bit of  France early this year and have since been developing the ground towards a Permaculture garden.  https://www.permaculturedesign.fr/comment-faire-un-jardin-en-permaculture/

We also want an Eco-campsite on the land to help us maintain and develop the overall concept and also incorporate the Hygge idea of a calm and welcoming place. This will take time but  we have  that in spades, hopefully.

We are making progress despite  the weather which has been extreme in recent  weeks, we had  a  heat wave and drought conditions followed by a deluge of water and high winds which threatened some of our recent structures but no damage so far and we have water connected only yesterday.

digging a hole for the post to act as a stand pipe for the water.

completing the task in the rain.

we did not think we would have time to have crops this year but so far all the plantings have taken root and growing well. The first crop will be the new potatoes in one of the tyre stacks.

We are still waiting for a decision on the campsite proposal , but this is France and  decisions are well considered and over time .   In the meantime we continue to prepare the site and grow as much as  we can, remembering to relax the body whenever the opportunity arises.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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