Amiens to Abbeville- Canal Somme – Wednesday 11 June

We moved on from Amiens on Friday after a poor night’s sleep when the noisy night club on the quay went on to 3 in the morning.  Amiens is a great city and we will call in on the way back and to see some of the many sights we missed first time around.


Gladys making friends in Amiens

The weather was great and the Somme lived up to expectations with stunning views and a range of beautiful towns and villages to experience on the way to our final destination Abbeville.


The stunning engineering school building on the exit from Amiens


Relaxing on a much quieter pontoon, at Ailly sur Somme


We came across one small section of canal, about 3 kilometres long which was festooned with weed, we stopped 3 times to clear the prop.


Dramatically and like some cheap horror movie  it  started to creep over the lock gates.  We were glad to leave this little section behind, and we now know what to expect on the way back!


The beautiful Château at Long, a bit too kitsch for my liking


And a rather dirty girl in the grounds, I wish my wife was ….. no old joke in bad taste..umm

We will turn around at Abbeville and head back as we understand the remainder of the canal to the coast is straight and boring.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


    • Terry Barrett

      What do you mean ..wishes.. she has not got any reason to wish as I have made all her wishes come true . And you were so lucky I did not take the AB bet as I would have got some points out of you. LOL

  • Paul

    The canal below Abbeville might well be boring but on arrival St Valery is well worth the trip. It is a beautiful seaside town with a steam train to Crotoy where they have the only south facing beach in the North East of France and the Moules mmmmmmmmm!

    • Terry Barrett

      We had decided to leave Abbeville today to get up to Lille and leers nord by the end of June, however, I will look again at going onto St Val with the lady on the boat when I get back from my wi-fi hotspot

  • Freda Bostock

    Dirty girl indeed, but wishes have a habit of biting you on the bum. Weed looked gross as if growing as you watched. Glad sailing on the Irish Sea wasn’t like that would have cost a bomb.

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