Amiens, Canal Somme – Friday 6 June

Mostly, we have been stopping at small towns or villages in our journey from St Leger, our winter stopover, sometimes in the middle of agricultural land with no other people around.

Now we are moored in the middle of a large city, Amiens, the capital of Picardy and a city devastated by both world wars, however, the city has been fully restored and it is now a pleasure to stroll through its historic streets. Wow what a contrast.


One aspect you cannot fail to notice from anywhere in the city is the imposing Notre Dame cathedral, twice the size of the one in Paris, which was spared in both wars and a world heritage site since 1984.  The stained glass from inside the cathedral is truly magnificent and jaw dropping.


St-Leu is the oldest part of the city and is now strewn with bars and restaurants all along the quays of the canal, which runs through the city.  We pitched up at one in particular a restaurant specialising in ‘Moules and Frites’ and we had a splendid lunch in view of the boat on the opposite side of the canal.


One question is where is everybody? other boaters that is, since joining the Somme last week we have seen one leisure boat and that was a narrow boat which had been dropped in at the coast and making its way south.

Time to move on from Amiens and heading today for Abbeville where we will stay for a few days before heading back up the Somme and eventually to Lille and Belgium


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Kath Bailey

    Hi. Terry x 2. Pew have sold Laura as I am sure you will know via Pete . We have just bought a touring van and intend to tour the Somme starting in a couple of weeks. We loved it by boat. Went for a week and stayed for a month. From abbeville the train to st.valery is worth a trip. Try and time it so you can take the train trip around the bay. I like the fact that the French in that area have a similar sense of humour to us. LAURA is now FREDERIC. I find it odd my mom was Laura and my dad was Frederick

  • Jac and Chris

    Hi Terry, looking good on the pics! (You still on a diet??)
    Ps we are currently on the Borgogne heading towards la Bussiere.
    Best wishes
    Chris and Jac

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