All fixed and going home tomorrow

Good news , Doc says I am all fixed and he just wants to  monitor for another 24 hours before I bugger off home.  So back to  the boat tomorrow and in my own bed for  the weekend.

If anyone is out there, living in France, and concerned about the quality of care in the french hospitals  , don’t be.  If my experience is typical  and there is no  reason to suggest it is, the care I have received has been incredible.  It is not just the quality of care, which has been superb but  just as important is the attitude and demeanor of the staff, always cheerful and attentive from the young lad who  cleans the room every morning to the specialist nurses and consultants.

Bloody  Brexit may put  all  that at  risk, I  really hope not as  this  is too  good to  lose.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


    • Terry Barrett

      Yes it is fine, however, there is always a but. I have had the smiling assassin in this afternoon in the shape of a smiling nurse who is responsible for aftercare of patients. She tells me that I must lose weight, eat less salt, drink less wine and take the blood thinning tablets every day, forever. If I do that I can live a normal life. Whats normal about bland food washed down with water?

  • Chris and Jac

    Glad to hear you are going home Tel, by the way they do a very nice ginger lemonade at the local farm shop here, I’ll bring some back for you ? !!

  • Bernadette Van der Wiele

    Very pleased to hear that all is well and that you can get back to the barge and continue to pester Teresa and Gladys, Terry. Happy days.
    Cheers from Bernadette and Henk

  • Fernando Serra

    I have just got back from a w/e away to the excellent news! I am sure you are going to “milk” it letting Mrs T give you loads of TLC but hey! even though they “ration” our little pleasures (like wonderful wine and food!) in the immediate aftermath of your recent MOT, don’t forget that on the upside, we hopefully get a lot longer to enjoy it!!!!!!!! Cheers my friend!! Fernando x

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