After the excitement of the seaside back to the calm of the canal –July 30

We left the beautiful resort of St Valery to head back up the Somme towards Peronne and a return to the canal du Nord.  On the way we have stopped at some very peaceful stops and chilled out a lot.


Chilling out with a book, no TV reception here then!!

Our first stop was at Abbeville where we met up again with Len and Marion, Len is the Aussie I share our car Trusty with, and we had a lovely meal with them on the back of their boat and spent a very evening catching up.


Since leaving them we have been very much on our own with very little boat movements on the canal/river despite it being very high season now.


Each time we stopped we were the only boat on the mooring until we got to where we are now at Corbie, which a particularly popular stop.


A strange medieval settlement stop at Samara


The Gladys fan club turned up at Corbie

We will stay here a few days before moving on to Cappy where we will collect a few EBay parcels kindly taken in by our friend at the Locaboat base, from there we will head back to the Canal du Nord and a general move south.

We have had a truly wonderful few weeks on the Somme and if you have not done it yet put it in your diary for next year.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda Bostock

    What a fabulous journey you have both enjoyed, meeting up with friends along the way. Lots of lovely food and drink. You lucky pair. We enjoyed a great trip too, Cologne, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, in a landslide in Bosnia rather too exciting, Croatia and France, touching a little bit of twelve countries. Yes, we’re very lucKy too. Now for time out in our own country and believe it or not we have had the most fabulous weather, long may it last.

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