Abbeville, the Somme

Its school holiday time in France and frequently you encounter colourful groups of friendly kids


despite being high summer the canal du Somme is quite and peaceful with plenty of wildlife on show.


There are busy stops but also isolated glorious places where you can just give a big sigh and truly relax


Truly a wonderful tranquil stop on the way to Abbeville


Not sure why but this shot just made me  smile


Finally arrived in Abbeville and met up  again with Chris and Jac and some new friends Steve and Megan,  and  quickly arranged a  barbecue and  boules match


Got the classic from Steve  and Megan ‘how do you play this  game’ ? which they duly won !!


The Barbecue was a great success and went on for far too long for my liver


The original plan was to continue down to the end of the Somme at St Valery but when we went down in Chris’s car the moorings at St Valery were rammed.  However, as it is a short distance in the car we did manage a splendid day in the seaside town which is so reminiscent of Cornwall, and enjoyed a delicious lunch


It also obviously brought out my softer romantic side, or was that the change in weather from damp and grey to hot and blue.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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