A winters tale in Montceau

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The first day of December and the cold has taken  grip on the place.  The pictures show the glory of the snowy scenes but I miss the warmth of the suns rays already.  I know this is only a cold snap  and temperatures will climb  soon but the nights come too soon and the days are too short and I miss my shorts….we will have to head even further south for next winter……had my rant.. finished now.

I am sure I suffer from SAD , a seasonal affected disorder , as I am generally far less happy  when the sun don’t shine and it stays dark more than it is light.  To keep my spirits up I look forward to rather bizarre things.. for instance I like  to celebrate the onset of next summer on December 21st, the winter solstice.  We will dress up in shorts and loud T-shirts, light the barbeque and have the Beach Boys playing on the CD player.  Why ?…you may well ask, because from the solstice the days start to get longer again and a few weeks later you can start to look for the first flowers around the bases of trees…a good a reason as any  say.

Some very good fellow boating friends of ours Harry and Marion have opted to House-sit this winter in Belfast.  Others have opted to go home and leave their boats on winter moorings until rejoining in the Spring and others like Ian and Mel have headed much further south  and are now in Malta for the winter sunshine and enjoying great temperatures.  I like Harry and Marion’s idea but not the location…too cold, and we might find it a little tricky getting to Malta in our wide beam canal boat next winter…but if anyone knows a house that needs looking after next winter nearer the equator please let me know.

Also would like to make a trip home sometime soon but my car in UK has had its last rites, so if anyone nearby has a car I could borrow for a week please let me know ASAP.  So that is a house for next winter in the sun somewhere and a car for a week  this winter…so get your skates on.

Hopefully will be able to keep my followers up to date each week…so watch this space.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Anonymous

    Will look out for a house sit for you both in Perth, thats Aus not Scotland! You will simply have to be here next November – its party time to celebrate Mark making an honest woman of me – by the way it was 35 degrees day but a bit cloudy – will that do you? Love the snowy pics, Love Lesley x

  • Tracker

    We have just returned from a walk across a pass of a mountain in te beautiful sunshine. There is a car for you to use on Norfolk if you want. take care – Bob and Lynn

  • Roz

    Hi both, you guys look as though you are really living the dream as are we, the winter this year is going to be a bit harsh for us all I think but as you say once the 21st is here we can look forward to the longer days.
    Keep in touch and keep the photo’s coming
    Roz & John xxx

  • Anonymous

    Hallo Mr & Mrs Terry! I am spending a few days with Roze and John here in beautiful France and they have kindly let me have a look at your website (I still don’s have a computer at home! and only get to the Library ocasionally) anyway it is lovely to see that you are both doing fine and enjoying your wonderful adventure! despite the blip of the weather!! so I have promissed myself I will check more often to see how you progress and as I am really enjoying travelling in France who knows! I might be able to actually come to see you at some of your stopping points! (This is the lovely thing about stopping in the cheap Formula 1’s hotels I love it!!!) Anyway I will keep in touch and will follow your progress!! take care and I hope to see you both soon! Fernando x

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