A wet bottom again!

So much better being back in the water.  we did really well in the dry dock despite the weather turning steamy hot towards the end.  We got the bottom blacked with 40 litres of anti-foul and also managed some side and front and back painting before the boys arrived on Tuesday to re-float us and get us out.


We spent that night on the quay next to the dry dock  where we were able to stock up with food and diesel before setting off on Wednesday morning and finally leaving our winter mooring and Mary Rose and Wild Goose.



So nice to be cruising again albeit slow boat to China time.



First stop Cercy La Tour where we met up with some newbies Bill and Jane on ‘Lazybones’ and just to prove how small a world this really is , it turned out that we all went to same primary school in south London some 60 years ago, remarkable.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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