A visit by friends

We ate out a lot. once in a very poor restaurant and once in a spendid one. I suppose that is the  nature of eating out , you win some you lose some.  Anyway have a working camera again as you can see.
Planning now advancing for the summer move south.  We will leave Gent around the end of March and in the meantime we will have the grandchildren visit next month.  Also while we are still in Gent and we still have a car at our disposal we will explore on foot and by car.
Visited the town of Breda in Holland and went to Brugge earlier this week.  Both towns are very rich in bulidings and history and both impressive, however, there is so much still to see in Gent that we will enjoy walking about for the next few weeks.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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