A typical Day in Montceau

People often ask what our days are like when we are moored up for the winter, do we get bored?

At around 6.30 a wet nose wakes me up from my slumbers, Gladys likes to remind you that  she is here and would like to go out for a walk.  I usually shout at her, NOT YET Gladys, and that acts like a snooze button on an alarm clock and I get 10 minutes rest before the wet nose alights on any exposed party of the body.
I get up make a cup of tea and around 0730 Gladys and I set off for our first big walk of the day, a 5km stretch around the park, meeting up with a few regular other dogs and their owners.
Back on the boat around 0830, for more tea and breakfast.
Sometimes we go out in the car for a spin after breakfast, on Tuesday we visited St Vincent which has its own observation tower overlooking most of Burgundy

Back around 2pm to feed Gladys, as I take her for her second long walk of the day around 4pm so the food has been well digested if you know what I mean.

In the Afternoon some odd jobs around the boat or lately some baking, I have become a mean baker of late even made 2 Christmas cakes , one of which is for sharing with the girls in the office on Solstice, and one for us over Christmas, yes the eating regime has taken a bit of a step back lately.

I have at last decided to start my book ‘happiness is a wet bottom’ and not the alternative title suggested by my friend Harry which is too rude to mention, and I have formulated the first paragraph, all that now needs to happen is the discipline to get some words down on the word processor every day .  I shall advise you of my progress.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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