A quick trip back to blighty

Well that was the plan.  Friends of ours Mark and Celia had a small problem,  Mark had to go to the UK to look at and possibly buy some big plant for the boatyard .  Celia did not feel up to  the journey and so I grabbed the opportunity and volunteered to accompany Mark and hopefully get a chance to see my daughter and the grand kids and possibly pop in in to see Simon and Lou and young Stan as well.

Teresa also welcomed the opportunity to spend time with Celia whilst the boys were off on their jolly.  So I got Teresa and Gladys  ensconced on Mark and Celia’s boat and the boys set off very early (4 am!) last Wednesday morning.  Despite leaving at silly O’clock we still managed to miss our sailing, not our fault as the computer system at DFDS failed and UK border control was extremely slow so we had to hang around for a further 2 hours.  Mark was already regretting booking the ferry rather than the tunnel.

Eventually we arrived in Taunton, Somerset for our overnight stop after an 18 hour journey.  The following morning I picked up a hire car car and drove to Wales to see Lizzie and the kids leaving Mark to look at cranes. I think I had the better deal. Spent a lovely time with Lizzie, and the girls

 Seren teaching her mum how to use the computer, hard work Seren but she will get it eventually

A family snap with the new camera, …

Left on Friday to drive to Gloucester to see Simon, Lou and Stanley.  The boy has grown well since we last saw him in the summer.

A very happy daddy.

After a very heavy night with Simon and Lou catching up and drinking, left the following morning to take the car back and meet up with Mark for the journey back to France.  Well that was the plan, unfortunately Marks car, which was booked in for repair in the garage was not ready and we had to spend another 2 days waiting around before we get back.

Enjoying fish and chips at Watchet harbor whilst waiting for the car to be fixed.

Fortunately, Mark  had learned the lesson and booked the Tunnel on the way back and with us sharing the driving the drive back took half the time and the girls were pleased to see us despite it being 2 am!

Other news the logs have arrived in meter lengths  and I spend the next week chain sawing and stacking for the winter.  The weather has turned colder but the delivered  logs are very dry and burning well so we are very cosy on board.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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