A Merry Solstice to all

Being more pagan than traditional religious we tend to celebrate the winter Solstice at this time of year.  This does not mean you get hammered on Mead,  I prefer a splendid single malt to do the trick.

Well the  news on the camper is not good.   We have tried three different engines so far and each has failed.   My good friend Dominic has stopped work  for the holidays but is determined to sort out a workable engine in the new year.  I did give him the option to give up but he would hear none of that talk and made it clear that he will transform the camper into a workable mobile home.

The consequence of all that is that we have stacked the boat with logs and coal and will settle in doing work on the boat and Tes is busy doing her drawings.   She seems to be getting requests of late for horses but she did manage a splendid one of a peace van seen last year near Auxerre.






The weather has been very mild for December and is set to remain so over the festive period and into 2016.   Some of the skies have been more spring like than grey winter. The trees may have lost their leaves but remarkable  blue sky greets you on some mornings.


The wildlife are somewhat confused, as we had cranes, herons, cormorants and Coypus all visible by the boat this morning and as I was watching a pair of kingfishers flew past the window.  This amount of activity you expect to see in the spring, all we need now are baby ducks and I will know the climate has gone loopy.


I hope all the readers have a lovely time over this festive time and as the comedian Dave Allen used to say may your God go with you .


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Jo May

    Happy solstice Tels. Have a quiet, sober one!
    She’s a talented lass with the brushes!! Well done Tes.
    Sorry to hear about the camper – very disappointing indeed for you. Hope you get the chance to get some sun in the new year.
    Love to you both
    Jo and Janna

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