A little frustrated but still better off than most

Yes the plan, that dreaded word again, was to cruise the boat back to St Leger, our old mooring with a good quay, do some minor work on the boat , painting and some rust spot treatment, before jumping in the repaired camper-van and setting off for a little jolly in the sun for a few weeks before going off on a summers cruise in the boat.

I swear I heard the big man in the sky laughing as I went to collect the repaired camper only to find that after a few minutes running the engine oil spewed out  everywhere and the need for further work became only too apparent.

In the meantime and to prevent boredom setting in we went off to help our friends who are renovating an old French house.


Putting up fences


and digging gardens weirdly satisfying


and lunch in the sun difficult to beat

The weather has really picked up and Spring is well and truly upon us and it is beautiful.



what are they feeding these strawberries!!

Frustration was beginning to get to me until Tes pointed out how much luckier we are than most, and we are.  We will give ourselves two more weeks for the camper to be fixed, before setting off in the boat.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Kath Bailey

    Terry’s , both of you. Yes savour every moment, somethings you work hard for and earn but you always need that little bit of luck. Glad we had 6 happy years cruising together.
    Have a good season cruising , I enjoy reading your blog X X

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