A bonny New Year to you all

Another year dawns and its make our mind up time.

Christmas came and went without too much fuss. We had a delightful dinner with Mark, Celia, Graham and Claire over at Gannay, and after too much consumption of food wine and whiskey,



Mark and I concentrating on preparing the feast.


Later on after the feast and getting Celia’s new camera to work


spent the night in the van before returning to the boat the following day. Winter arrived the following day with some deep frosts and frozen water in the canal basin.  As can be seen from the image above even the swans are finding it hard with the canal is frozen.
We really enjoyed our trip to Spain and Portugal last winter in the ‘Me Van Oui’ and wanted to repeat a winter trip this year. The plan was to sell ‘MVO’ and upgrade to a larger van for our trip but friends J&J want to buy ‘MVO’ but they are not in a position to complete the purchase until nearer the spring so we are going off south for a few weeks in the trusted ‘MVO’ and will upgrade later in the year.
No solid plans for the trip just south to the Tarn valley and Millau then stop and plan from there.  In any event have a great 2015 and do not sweat the small stuff.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Betsey and Chris Bomford

    Top of the New Year to you three from us two. Hope you can find some sun and warmth in the south.

    We are headed back to Maggie May in Auxonne in early April. From there we plan to head north to Nancy and on into Belgium and Holland. Hope to see you but not sure if our paths will cross this coming year. In any event, if we don’t see you, all the best to you for 2015.

    Chris and Betsey

  • sue and ian deany

    Very Happy 2015 to you and lots of fun on the canals this year. It was 44.4 here yesterday so you do not see many people in the streets!! We will probably hire this year somewhere as we decided that another boat would not be like Wobbe. We have wonderful memories.

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