9 April 2013 – Beaulon –Canal Lateral


Well we finally got underway on Saturday and left our excellent winter mooring at St Leger.

The wet weather forecast forced a cancellation of our dry dock booking and delayed the process until we return in October.

The weather on our departure was reasonable, not raining at least, and as we left the canal du Nivernais and crossed the Loire against a strong flow of water.  It was great to get going and hearing a sweet sound from a newly serviced engine.

Entering the Loire from the Nivanais, note the large buzzard above the trees.

We said goodbye to Andy and Wendy on Mary Rose and Sue on Kells and also saw Marco in the Decize basin to say goodbye, he has not been too well but now looks lots better and hopefully we will see him and his lovely wife Carmen during the summer.

There was no traffic on the canal and we made excellent progress to our first stop at Gannay, where we stayed to spend a couple of nights with Mark and Celia and shared lunch with on Sunday.  It is a nice stop at Gannay but the electric is not strong so yesterday we moved on to Beaulon, about a 3 hour trip, where we are now.

Gladys was a little confused with new smells and walks as we had been at the same location for 7 months, but she has settled back down now and the memory of cruising to new locations regularly has returned, and she seems very happy.

We hope to do some important jobs here at Beaulon over the next few days, rubbing down, painting, fender making, but at the moment it is pouring down so a relaxed day in prospect with some internal jobs to knock off the blackboard.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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