3 stone down, only 4 to go!

Its going well ,  the weight loss and the fitness regime,  Thats what they call ‘diet’ in France, regime sounds better I think.

I started this ‘regime’ at the beginning of  January and Tes joined me in my quest,  which proved to be important when I let thoughts of straying into indulgence wander into sight.

So, why did I start in the first place, well quite simply I was not happy with my obesity anymore and  a couple  of medical scares last year with the doctor on my last visit before Christmas gave me that ‘look’,  You know the one that says you are not going to make old  bones if you carry on.  So I  hatched a plan to start after Christmas with the ambitious aim of getting down to the same weight I was when I was  fit as a butchers dog, back in 1984, 34 years ago!.  In April of that year I ran the London Marathon in 4 hours and I was a slim 14 stone.and very fit having trained for 6 months before  the marathon.

I started this current quest in January when I weighed in at a ridiculous  21 stone and 7 Lbs or if you prefer metric ,137 kilos.  To get back to the my marathon weight I would need to lose 7 stone and tone up.  A daunting prospect  and to achieve it I knew I had to find an eating regime that suited me.  I realised it would mean changing my previous eating habits, I would have to stop drinking or at least drastically reduce my  consumption, but I was not prepared to give up tasty food.  So tonnes of research later I settled on a low carbohydrate high fat regime. Sometimes called a Keto diet  ,https://www.ruled.me/guide-keto-diet/.  My main reason of choosing this one was it  seemed to offer a  way of  good  weight loss without having to eat boring food.

My next quest was to get fitter.  I knew that as  the winter ended and we would be working  up the field most days   this in itself would build up a  bit of fitness but I had to be a bit more intense.   So again I reverted back to my marathon training 30 plus years ago, that being Fartlek,  fun to say  and easy to do https://www.runnersworld.com/ask-coach-jenny/whats-the-difference-between-fartlek-tempo-and-interval-runs.

I take the dog out  everyday and this was generally a stroll down the towpath and  back for about 20 minutes,  not long enough and not intense enough.  So it was easy to adapt,  just build in some Fartlek principles,  walk very quickly for short  bursts and then recover by walking slowly , then repeat a quick  burst, recover and go again.  This low level high intensive training works for me and keeps my metabolic rate high.  Gladys did look a  little confused at first but has welcomed the  longer walks and has  also toned up a lot.

The results so far are very encouraging.  I have shifted 19 kilos so far  which is 3 stone in old  money , I have a feeling that the final 4 stone (another 25 kilos) which may take a while longer.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey

    Well done mate! It is always a huge challenge for most of us to reignite our “get up and go” that we all had when we were younger. You have obviously been able to do that with some large degree of success. Three stone!!! Fantastic! Keep that up and you will have to be buying a whole new wardrobe.

    I’ve managed to drop abut 4.5 stone last year but not because of the results of hard work but as a result of the old ticker operation. Not a weight loss program I would recommend but at least I am a skinnier me than I was before.

    Wishing you great success with shedding the next 4 stones. Probably won’t recognize you once that is all off. 🙂



  • Roz & John

    Very well done Terry, I am in awe of you, I started this very diet last year and was doing well until Christmas came and ruined it, I cant seem to get back on it, would love to know a typical days meals for you, keep up the good work x

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