27 May – Pouilly – Canal de Bourgogne

It’s been an interesting stay at the top of the canal de Bourgogne but with good Wi-Fi coverage so I am going to post another Blog while I have the chance.  
What is that bright yellow thing in the sky?  Its called the sun stupid,..oh I forgot

We leave tomorrow and who knows when we get another opportunity.

The weather is good today so everybody has emerged from the belly of their boats to enjoy warm bright air, 

 Its a good place here to water up, food up and diesel

Adrian and me with the two dogs, toffee and Gladys who get on well.

We will all play boules tonight for the first time this season, great to outside and enjoy the company of other boaters with a game of french bowls and a few glasses of fall over water.

We have filled the boat with food and the fuel tank with diesel so we are all set for the trip up to Paris and then the Somme.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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