22 October- preparing for the winter

We have had a lot of rain lately but the temperatures have stayed high so we have taken the opportunity to get all those boat jobs done before the real winter arrives.  We are waiting for the main log delivery which is due this weekend and I have serviced the chain saw, built log stores outside the boat and a log box inside the boat, and painted the TV wall blue, radical or what?

New look Lounge, very pleased with it

New look Lounge, very pleased with it

‘You going to stop playing with that camera and give me a biscuit’

The weather remains good and long dark mornings have yet to arrive, so morning walks with Gladys still provide some splendid views, hello Marco!

A view from the opposite bank of the St Leger moorings, splendid autumn colours and always the fisherman trying to catch some lunch.
I hate winter, not sure exactly why, possibly the long dark nights stretching into the day, so you take the dog for a walk in the dark mornings and evenings, also the cold and the wet, and the lack of new interesting people, whatever it is I need to look forward to December 21st and celebrate in my own mind the start of summer!.  I know summer does not start on December 22 and in fact the worst of the winter weather is yet to arrive but the psychological effect of the slightly lighter mornings, a few minutes each day, each time you take the dog out lifts my spirits and helps me get through till spring…. December 21st  is 60 days away.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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