17 April 2013 – Genelard- painting in the sun

Summer at last.  We missed out spring and went straight to summer with temperatures in the mid 20’s and glorious sunshine all week.

This is a new boat restaurant in Digoin, strange arrangement but wish it well.

The journey here was awful, cold and driving rain but as soon as we arrived everything changed so we have stayed and got those above the waterline paint jobs we were going to do in the dry dock before we had to cancel that arrangement.

There is always something to do!!
 The good weather allowed Gladys the chance to really chill out in the sun.

glorious sunrise in Genelard, just for Marco!!

So we move on tomorrow to Montceau/ Blanzy.  Hopefully we will then get some decent Wi-Fi action so we can talk to family and friends in the UK.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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