We are in the middle of France and miles from any main towns. This is real rural France and to experience it is to lose yourself in a vast landscape of various colours of green, with occasional dashes of blue from the locks, and yellow from the filelds of sunflowers, but no people.  We go days without seeing anybody walking about, you do see the occasional boat and you wave they wave back and then they are gone.  where are all the French ?
Anyway we are on a mission,.. the mission is to meet up with my daughter and the grandchildren north of Paris at the begining of September.  They are booked into a Key Camp holiday on the banks of the river Aisne north east of Paris.  There are moorings available very near the campsite so we are heading there and hope to make it in the next three weeks.
It is not a difficult task,  if we put our head down and travelled every day for 6-8 hours we would make it easy, however, that would not be much fun so we have planned the trip with built in breaks in the more interesting spots and those serendipidy places you just come across.
We are making good progress and our first target is Vitry le Francois at the end of the Champagne canal by this coming weekend.  We will fill with fuel and food shopping at Vitry before moving on next monday up the Canal lateral a la Marne to Conde-sur-Marne.
Keeping up to date with this blog has proved difficult in the last week due to poor internet and phone service, however, I will try to find enough service to post photos and update the blog as often as I can.
For latest photos visit….. http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/terrybarrett42/SeurreToRolampont138Kilometers#

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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