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Remembrance day in France is different from my experiences in the UK, it seems they take the day far more seriously than I remember.

Montceau is a small town and yet they produced a brochure in advance of remembrance day which detailed the order of events and the timing.  We had our French lesson on  the boat prior to the event before we headed up to the war memorial in front of the church.  When we arrived at the memorial we were surprised at the turnout, a large crowd and many representative from the various civil and military services, fire-fighters, ambulance crews, police, army, air force etc and a full military band.

The event was very moving especially the playing of the Marseilles at the end, hairs on the back of the neck time.  The other moment that perhaps separated out this event from a similar one in the UK was the Major inviting everybody back for a drink at the town hall afterwards.

Well winter is upon in the form of heavy rain and wind, no frosts yet and the local knowledge suggests that very few days of frosts will be experienced in Montceau, we have the logs and the coal so we are ready if it gets really cold.

I hope  to Blog once a week, maybe do the next one in French…perhaps not.  see you soon

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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